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December 12, 2018  
Music Therapy
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Seidman Cancer Center
The Seidman Cancer Center is the only cancer program in Northern Ohio awarded the National Cancer Institute’s highest designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. This elite status makes the Cancer Center one of only 32 centers in America to earn this prestigious award for extraordinary advances in cancer research and patient care.

The Seidman Cancer Center offers patients and families a wide range of music therapy experiences as complementary therapies to enhance their well-being during treatment.. Patients are encouraged to design their own music sessions to ensure enjoyment of the aspect of music they wish to explore. Music interventions may include singing, composing, playing or learning a musical instrument, relaxation, guided imagery, improvisation, and musical games.
Music is a recognized expressive art that is being studied scientifically in the area of mind-body interactions and relationships. The power of music has been shown to affect the mind and body in the following ways:

     1-Lower blood pressure
     2-Reduce anxiety and depression associated with cancer treatment
     3-Reduce pain by increasing the production of endorphins
     4-Increase production of proteins that speed healing and reduce the danger of infection
     5-Reduce stress and promote relaxation

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